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20230111 - MV3 - delay in CDR's - We currently face a delay in the creation of CDR's for MV3. This also means call history events are delayed. Engineers are working on a fix. [UPDATE 2]

11/01/2023 - 11:39

CDR's are slowly being visible again from CDR view in Operator. We still have some delay.
We are still monitoring actively,estimating that all CDRs are fully recoverable and delay mitigated in the upcoming hours.
This service announcement will be updated once we have the official confirmation that everything is back to normal from our engineers.


Impact is limited to Managed Voice 3. Fix is successful. Delay is still being processed, it is taking more time than initially estimated but in progress.
Next update soon.


20230102 - Operator slow or unresponsive - resolved

02/01/2023 - 14:40

02/01/2023, 14:40
Engineers have found and resolved the issue


We are currently experiencing a disruption in the service Operator. This disruption seems to be impacting response time of Operator
Our engineers are investigating the problem.

We cannot give an expected resolution time at this moment.
We will provide you with a new update on the situation at 15:00. There are no known workarounds at this moment.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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